John Wrelton

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John Wrelton

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John Wrelton


The Chairman of Taunton RFC has a number of key responsibilities. John chairs all committee meetings and reports to members, players and coaches on all aspects of Taunton RFC. He creates and develops short, medium and long term development plans for all rugby at Taunton RFC and works with co-committee to ensure delivery. It is John who creates and delivers an affordable and sustainable budget for all semi-professional rugby at Taunton RFC and he also creates and delivers appropriate funding for all other rugby at Taunton RFC including Youth and Juniors. He acts as a trusted confidant of players, members and staff at Taunton RFC, assists with the building of relationships with the Taunton business community and must constantly be aware of new sponsorship opportunities. As Chairman, he champions all rugby at Taunton RFC. He's a confident problem solver and has the ability to deal with issues or complaints throughout the club. He works closely with the General Manager on all operational aspects of Taunton RFC.