OK but could do Better is the verdict from the coaches

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October 5, 2018

Coaches Comments


Saturday proved to be a real nail biter with everyone having to watch as the Canterbury Kicker line up a kick off the touch line to win the game, only to breathe a sigh of relief when the ball sailed well wide. The fact that they had a kick to win the game would indicate a very tight affair and so it proved as time and again we squandered opportunities to put the game to bed.Hats off to Canterbury they are a well coached side and very physical but if we are serious about improving our previous league positions we need to learn to finish. It’s not just one area of our finishing that is letting us down we’ve dropped balls we’ve thrown balls in to touch we’ve dropped the ball in mauls, even missed touch from penalties and failed to convert line outs within 10 meters of the opposition line. Is it cause for concern? Not just yet, to beat a team like Canterbury without firing on all cylinders is a massive plus, but we we’re not going to get away with it every week and can’t afford to miss so many chances, otherwise sooner or later we’re going to come unstuck.


This week has been very positive, we have worked hard and we’re confident that we’ve put a few things right so hopefully our finishing on the weekend against the Geese will be a little better.  





Traditionally a tough fixture, Canterbury was always goingto be a challenge for us as they are a good team and a tough nut to crack. I amsatisfied with the amount of effort that went in, and in the end it was ourattitude that got us over the line.


At this time of year there is no form book as teams chaseleague points and try to establish a pecking order. It is the time of year whenteams will fight hard and not know their limitations. The lead changed hands ona number of occasions and as such this game provided a great test of resolveand character. We are delighted to have come through it


We created many opportunities and dominated possession andterritory, but too often failed to get over the whitewash. Our opportunity wasgreat but we must learn to become more cutthroat. However, that will come asthe team becomes more cohesive in coming weeks.


September has been a great month for us and we have pickedup a good haul of points. We must now move on to October and build on theplatform we have created

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Keith Brooking

Press Officer

Keith's started his career at Newton Abbott, moving to Bath U21's and then onto Exeter. With spells for Wakefield and Cornish All Blacks, Keith returned to Exeter Chiefs for 199 appearances. Joining the Titans as coach from 2012.