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November 7, 2023

Taunton RFC Is delighted to announce the partnership with  The Tech Care Lounge. Having worked with the team at SRD for a number of years it is great to see them continue to develop and have a further benefit to those who are members and supporters of TRFC.

On announcing the partnership Simon and Mark from SRD said "We are thrilled to announce our continued sponsorship of Taunton Rugby Club for the next two  seasons. This marks the fifth year of our partnership which has allowed us to work closely with the rugby club in their goals on and off the pitch, by providing them with reliable, market leading IT Services and support they have been able to hugely enhance their operational performance greatly during this period. At this time we are excited to introduce The Tech Care Lounge, a revolutionary tech support membership service, brought to you by SRD Technology UK.

The Tech Care Lounge is designed with one simple goal in mind: to provide expert assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance to individuals like you, ensuring that your technology experiences remain seamless and stress-free. While SRD Technology has been at the forefront of providing IT support to Taunton Rugby Club and other small and medium businesses, The Tech Care Lounge steps in to cater to the needs of consumers who demand exceptional tech support in their everyday lives. In this age of technology, its essential to have a reliable partner to turn to when you encounter issues, and that’s precisely where The Tech Care Lounge shines.

With The Tech Care Lounge, you’re not alone in the world of technology. We’re here to help, so you can enjoy the benefits of your devices with confidence. Welcome to the new era of tech support – welcome to The Tech Care Lounge!"

Taunton RFC will be releasing and sharing more information over the next few months and how The Tech Care Lounge could help you!

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