Taunton RFC recognises the importance of making Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

Article published:
September 12, 2021

Taunton RFC is pleased to announce an additional benefit to its members in the shape of a large discount on Lasting Powers of Attorney made with Taunton Wills.

Richard Kitzinger from Taunton Wills is a fan of the Titans and writes content for the club’s website and matchday programmes. In discussions with club General Manager, James Tolman, about how important it is for rugby players to make Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, it was suggested that the 25% discount on LPAs could be extended to all members of Taunton RFC and Richard was only too happy to agree.

Appointing trusted loved ones as Attorneys is vital in case an individual loses the capacity to make decisions for themselves. The government department with whom LPAs have to be registered, the Office of the Public Guardian, stipulates that the documents must be lodged before a person begins to lose that mental capacity so it is crucial not to leave it too late.

“It’s like having a Will to cover your lifetime, setting out who you want to step in to make decisions in your best interests if you become unable to do so and how you want them to act,” says Richard. “Or you could think of it as an insurance policy against losing your mental capacity with the difference that unlike the car or the house, you only pay the premium once in your life.”

Not having Lasting Powers of Attorney can result in the Court of Protection appointing a Court Deputy to run somebody’s affairs, even when there is a husband or wife who would have been quite capable of doing so. “It’s a distressing situation,” adds Richard’s colleague David Cochrane, author of The Willwriter’s Handbook. “We often refer clients to the case of Heather Bateman. A quick internet search of this poor woman’s story illustrates how a Court Deputy can rack up thousands of pounds and cause anguish to entire families.”

For rugby players, registering Lasting Powers of Attorney is a precaution against brain injuries but, for many people, worries such as Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of Dementia are a concern.

Taunton Wills is an expert in estate planning matters including drafting Wills and Asset Protection Trusts and organising prepaid Funeral Plans and is offering 25% discount on Lasting Powers of Attorney to all members of Taunton RFC. Contact Richard on 07504 991893 to discuss.

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Article published by:

Richard Kitzinger


Rugby fan and Taunton resident, Richard loves watching Titans and creates written content for the rugby club.