Natwest Rugby Force Day

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September 29, 2020

After securing £500 from the RFU for this year's project(materials) I am pleased to inform you that we now have a date for the weekend which is Saturday 03rd  October20, we can work in bubbles of six to complete the project and we need total of 30 volunteers needed to assist with the tasks below;



Task 1 = Clean out, clean down the equipment and skip unserviceable items re-configure the equipment room and repaint, a volunteer with a van to get rid of the rubbish at the recycle centre more details to follow.


(skills required, Carpenters, painters' general workers, Tools required, saws drills, paint &paintbrushes, cleaning materials and volunteer with an empty van).


Task 2 = Clean repaint as required, (toilets and Titans office).


(skills required, painters' general workers, paint &paintbrushes, cleaning materials).


Task 3 = Photographer media person


Task 4 = Refreshment catering Tea & coffee


Task 5 = Enjoy a pasty from The pasty stand at the Club at1800hrs


If you would like to volunteer to help out please email by Friday 02/10/20 no later than 1900hrs so we can order the pasties.


‍Best Regards


Steve Frost


Club Volunteer Co-ordinator

Routes from M5

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